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January 15, 2021

We are the members of a loosely defined group of social geographers at the Department of Geography in Brno, whose research is devoted to exploring urban space, urban time and urban rhythms. We strive to excavate hidden meanings from public transport timetables and shops opening hours, mobile phone locations datasets and live busyness information. Looking back across our published texts, we can find rhythm, pacemaker or time among our favourite keywords. Without wanting to fetishize rhythms in any way, we approach them as a useful analytical tool as well as an interpretative frame that allows space and time to be intertwined relatively painlessly.

This brand new blog, we are launching today, is not entirely genre-specific. It is a kind of hybrid halfway between a science-blog and a repository of research ideas/questions/data. The aim is to get behind the static image of the city, which seems to be so inextricably embedded in numerous urban studies, policies and planning practices. We would like to share our insights into how the urban structures change in the course of a day, a week or a year; to capture their regular spatiotemporal dynamics and beats. We will be happy if the posts published here encourage discussion within the community of scholars focused on the pulse of the city.

TIMESPACE.CITY Urban Rhythms Research Group

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