Autumn Explorations: The Spatiotemporal Data Research Group's Seasonal Pursuits

November 28, 2023

It might seem that we are hermeneutically closed in our endeavors, caught in a vicious circle of delivering projects and proposals, but the opposite is true. Here is a brief report on what happened in our research group this autumn.

EHPS Conference from September 4 to September 8, 2023, in Bremen

At the beginning of September, our colleague Radim Lískovec, accompanied by Lenka Knapová from the Department of Human Movement Studies at the Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava, attended the EHPS Conference in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. Their presentation focused on the psychosocial correlates of physical activity resilience, and participation in the conference allowed us to strengthen interdisciplinary development between Social Geography and Health Science.


CAT-ference from September 18 to September 22, 2023, in Riga

Our spatiotemporal-data team participated in this year's Cities After Transition conference held in Latvia. At the conference, we had the opportunity to meet fellow geographers, discuss challenges, and share research experiences. We also had the opportunity to present three scientific contributions concerning temporal displacement and spatial unbinding in commuting, the adaptation of mobility policies in urban planning practices, and issues related to the use of mobile phone network data in urban planning.


PCT CONFERENCE on October 19, 2023, in Prague

Our colleague David Gorný had a presentation at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague on the interaction between people, city, and transport. The talk focused on the temporal displacement and spatial unbinding of commuting. The visit to Prague, thanks to the conference, also provided an opportunity for further acquaintance with Prague geographers.


Rare Visit on November 15, 2023

Kostyantyn Mezentsev, a professor of social and economic geography from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, was our esteemed informal visitor. We express our thanks and wish him continued success, Glory to Ukraine.


Conference Papers:

Gorný, D. (2023). Temporal displacement and spatial unbinding of commute in the case of the Brno Metropolitan Area. Cities After Transition – 10th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference.

Knapová, L., Youn Won, C., Baretta, D., Lískovec, R., & Elavsky, S. (2023). Psychosocial correlates of physical activity resilience: the case of step counts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 37th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society.

Lískovec, R., & Mulíček, O. (2023). Mobile phone network data – just a buzzword or a gamechanger in data-based urban planning?. Cities After Transition – 10th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference.

Malý, J. (2023). The adoption of mobility policies in land-use urban planning practice: State-of-play and future challenges. Cities After Transition – 10th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference.

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